Heather Collins

Mixed Media Mirror

Mirror, Mirror …Tell Me What Do You See!

Mirrors have always fascinated me since I was a little girl. I remember watching tv shows and movies where someone could be transported to another reality – another world – just by looking in. They could be ornate, simple, or even enchanted. My favorites were the ones that were ornate and enchanted. Some of them […] Read more…


Mixed Media Dreamweaving Dream Catcher

Dream catchers have always intrigued and fascinated me since I was in middle school. The idea that one could take nature and create something from nature to capture bad dreams truly made me happy as a young teenager and continuing into adulthood. I like to make at least one project a year with a dream […] Read more…

Pirate Keepsake with Joy Clair

Ahoy There Matey! Pirate Mixed Media Keepsake with Joy Clair

Both of my kids LOVED pretending to be pirates when they were preschoolers. We fully embraced the whole concept. I was blessed enough to be able to capture some of these precious moments on film for years to come. Nik especially would play in what some would call a former living room, we call it […] Read more…

Glitz Glitter Gel Holiday Ornament

HoHoHo Holiday Ornament Door Decor with Glitz Glitter Gel

HoHoHo!!! I know that it is only August, but I like starting Christmas decorations while it isn’t so crazy with all of the holiday shuffle. This way I don’t feel rushed and I can enjoy not only the process of creating but the process of selecting just the right materials and then enjoying the final […] Read more…

Beauty Mixed Media Canvas

Create A Little Beauty Mixed Media Canvas

For the first time ever we’ve paired up with not one but two of our friends in the industry! We were just a bit excited when we were making plans and realized it would be a trifecta of fun for all of us! Picket Fence Studios If you’re unfamiliar with Picket Fence Studios (makers of […] Read more…

Mixed Media Home Decor

Fairy Dust Magic Mixed Media Window

With summer comes a time for renewal and a fresh start. As soon as the last snowflake melts I start planning what flowers to plant and where. My husband and I are blessed to live on a little bit more than a half an acre and have plenty of flower beds. I have placed stepping […] Read more…

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