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Welcome Mixed Media Sign with Neon Enamels

Welcome Pineapple with Rina K. Designs Electro-Pop Neons

Welcome Mixed Media Sign with Electro-Pop Neons by Heather Collins I sold real estate for 6 years. When a house would sell I would give the family a gift.  One of my favorite items was to give them a “Welcome Pineapple”.  The symbol of the pineapple is one of friendship, hospitality, and status.  This is […] Read more…

Pumpkin Patch Memories

Pumpkin Patch Memories with Glitz Glitter Gel

My family and I have a tradition of going to the pumpkin patch every year.  The rule for my kids is they have to be able to lift and carry the pumpkin for it to be theirs.  We make a day out of it. Hayride, fresh apple cider, pulled pork sandwiches…but our goal is to […] Read more…

Mixed Media Mirror

Mirror, Mirror …Tell Me What Do You See!

Mirrors have always fascinated me since I was a little girl. I remember watching tv shows and movies where someone could be transported to another reality – another world – just by looking in. They could be ornate, simple, or even enchanted. My favorites were the ones that were ornate and enchanted. Some of them […] Read more…


Mixed Media Dreamweaving Dream Catcher

Dream catchers have always intrigued and fascinated me since I was in middle school. The idea that one could take nature and create something from nature to capture bad dreams truly made me happy as a young teenager and continuing into adulthood. I like to make at least one project a year with a dream […] Read more…

Back To School Cookie Box

One Smart Cookie Teacher Gift Idea!

Hi! Chrissie here and it’s back to school time!!! I have a fun project today that is a great teacher’s gift! I created the cookie box wrap using a custom digital file. You can find the PDF HERE and the JPEG HERE.  These are for Personal Use only.  You can resize them if needed! Teacher […] Read more…

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