Happy Holidays!!  It’s Becca from Sunflower Seams!  During the holidays, your cookie jar should always be full. Our favorite holiday traditions are baking Christmas cookies as a family!  Whether it be chocolate chip, oatmeal or sugar cookies it’s always so much fun and so messy!  Today I want to share this fun Christmas Ornament Applique Apron with you!  There is also a free printable of the ornaments for you to use.

Holiday Apron

Christmas Ornament Applique Apron

Holiday Apron Supplies:

HeatNBond E-Z Print Featherlite Fusible Adhesive

Fabric Fuse Liquid Adhesive

iCraft Deco Foil Transfer Sheets – Gold

iCraft Deco Foil Hot Melt Adhesive

Holly Apron by Simple Life Patterns

Christmas Ornament Applique Printable

3/4 yard Kringle’s Sweet Shop Fabric

1/2 yard Kringle’s Sweet Shop Fabric

Cosmos Embroidery Floss

Holiday Apron Instructions

1. Print the Christmas Ornament Applique printable on a sheet of HeatnBond E-Z Print Featherlite.

2. Cut the ornaments out from the fusible sheet and place an ornament on the back of your fabric.  Press the iron on the paper liner for 2 seconds.

3. Carefully cut around the fabric ornaments and peel off the paper liner.

4. Place fabric ornament, adhesive side down, on top of your project as desired. Cover with parchment paper and press for 6 seconds.

5. Machine stitch along the edges of each ornament using glitter embroidery floss.  (You can also use regular thread for this step but I love how the glitter embroidery floss pops.)

6. Cut a piece of ric-rac long enough to touch the top of the ornament and the top raw edge of the apron.  Using a small paint brush, paint a small amount of fabric fuse on the back of the ric-rac.  Center the ric-rac at the top of the ornament.

7. Cut a small piece of fabric about 3/4″ x 2″.  Cut your Hot Melt adhesive the same length.  Place the adhesive over the piece of fabric and press for 30 seconds. Let it cool before peeling the paper liner off.

8. Cut a piece of transfer foil slightly larger than the fabric scrap. Place the foil, color side up, on top of the piece of fabric.  Cover with parchment paper and press for 30 seconds.  After it has cooled, peel the transfer sheet away from the fabric.

9. Cut the small piece of fabric into 4 equal squares.  Place the small square over the raw edge of the ric-rac just above each ornament.  Machine stitch along the edges of each ornament using your embroidery floss.

10. Complete the apron per the pattern instructions.  Bake some cookies and enjoy!!

Happy Sewing!