Deco Foil Pine Cone Ornament

Hi friends. Alicia here again from Sew What Alicia. I LOVE crafting for the holidays. I find myself in my craft room creating something new each and every day leading up to the holidays. Today I want to share a fun and easy pinecone ornament tutorial with you. This is a fun one for the kids to help with. You can make a bunch and use them to wrap gifts with or cover the whole tree in fun pine cones.

DecoFoil Pine Cone Ornament


Heat N Bond Lite Fusible Adhesive 

Deco Foil Fusible Spray Adhesive

Deco Foil Transfer Sheets: Opal or Silver

Brown Felt

Pinecone Template: PDF or SVG

Pinecone Ornament Instructions:

Cut a piece of Heat N Bond Lite to fit your 9 x 12″ rectangle of felt. Press the Heat N Bond to the back of the felt.

Using one of the templates above cut out the different pieces of the pinecone. You can use your cutting machine, like a Cricut Maker. Or use the PDF and cut the pieces out by hand.

Using a piece of cardboard or other thick scraps cover each piece of felt, leaving the bottom exposed, and spray on the spray adhesive. Follow the instructions on the label and let the adhesive dry for at least 10 minutes.

Peel the paper from the small pieces of the pinecone. Now line them up on the largest pinecone piece.

NOTE: To make the ornament more sturdy peel the backing off the largest piece of felt and place it over another piece of felt to create a double layer of felt. Then continue with the steps below. We will only press this piece once so if you skip this step you won’t be able to go back and complete it later.

Place a piece of opal or silver Deco Foil over the adhesive. Again follow the instructions and use your heat source to press the foil onto the adhesive. Let the foil cool for several hours before peeling for best results (again this is stated on the back of the spray adhesive bottle.) The pressing should adhere all the layers of felt as well as adding the foil to the exposed spray adhesive.

Leave the paper backing on the largest piece of the pinecone if you decide not to attach it to another piece of felt.

Tie a string or use an ornament hanger on the top of the ornament. Hang and enjoy!

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