It’s a battle! A battle between dinosaurs and robots! Join us today as Designer Jennifer Davey shows you how she created this fun Dino vs Robot Quilt featuring Blend Fabrics and our SoraynBond Basting Spray! It’s the perfect gift for that guy in your life who can decide which are his favorite!

Dino vs Robot Story Mini Quilt with Blend Fabrics


Project Supplies:

HeatnBond Featherlite Fusible Iron-On Adhesive
SpraynBond • Basting Adhesive
StitchnSew Fleece Sew-In High Loft (1 2/3 yards)
Blend Fabric: monsters vs. robots
Oliso Iron
Auriful Thread:


Straight rulers
Rotary Cutter
Large Simple Wedge Template (for the triangle-y bits)
Sewing machine


6 1/2 x 40-inch:  Seeing Stars Navy
10 x 40-inch:  Seeing Stars Navy (bottom strip)

2 1/2 x 40-inch (2): Comic Dot Green
3 x 40-inch (2): Comic Dot Red

15 x 40-inch: Metropolis Lt. Blue

9 1/2-inch strips or 3 fabrics to cut triangles. (Metropolis Navy, Warning Blue &Meltdown Grey) cut 8 triangles of each from wedge template.
Backing to cover 58 x 40 inch
Binding to match.
Applique fabrics: Scrap of solid red, yellow,

Dino vs Robot Story Mini Quilt Instructions:

Trace battle pattern on the paper backing of HeatnBond Featherlite. Press to the wrong side of designated colors.

Cut out each piece. Place pieces on 15 x 40-inch: Metropolis Lt. Blue in battle poses.

Press background pieces such as Robot arms, legs and neck and Dino-monster arms legs and back ridge first.


Stitch around each piece twice to secure the applique, a free-motion application would work well too.DinovRobot.JenniferDavey.3

Once all under pieces are stitched in place press next level in place, robot body, feet and hands, Dino-monster body. Stitch each down as we did with the last step.

Stitch laser beams from Robots eyes to the zap flame next to the Dino-monster.DinovRobot.JenniferDavey.4

Piece together triangle wedges alternating fabrics. Press seams to side.

Piece strips together as illustrated in the picture of the quilt. Press seams open.

Sandwich backing, fleece and quilt top using SpraynBond • Basting Adhesive.

Quilt as desired and bind with Aurifil Thread.

Dino vs Robot Story Mini Quilt with Blend Fabrics

Happy Stitching-