ThermOWeb Get To Know Us New

It’s that time! We’re sharing another one of our fabulous employees who help make everything come together behind the scenes… join us today as we Get To  Know.. Pam Susong our Director of Marketing and Business Development!

Pam has been part of the Therm O Web team for 14 years. Her attention to detail ensures that Therm O Web’s customers are invoiced correctly and on time for their product orders, minimizing frustration for business owners. Get to know more about the people behind your favorite Therm O Web products.

Q & A

Q: Pam, what do you most enjoy about working for Therm O Web?

A: I love working with numbers and solving issues and talking with our customers.

Q: What has been your most memorable moment in your time here?

A: Being the Therm O Web “Mom” to the girls here.

Q: And what’s your favorite Therm O Web product?

A: Our HeatnBond® Iron-On Adhesive and 3D Foam Squares

Q: Tell us about your favorite thing to do (when not working!LOL)

A: My favorite thing to do is bowl and I am getting pretty good at it finally. I really love to bowl.

Q: We heard you like to cook..what is your favorite recipe?

A: I have a lot of favorite’s so this is tough. But I think it would a pork loin roast in the crock pot with carrots and potatoes. (YUM! She’s making us hungry!LOL)

Q: if you had an unlimited budget where would you go on vacation?

A: I would to go to Hawaii on a cruise..


Q: Are you a book, TV Show or Movie gal? Or all?

A: Definitely an all kind of gal….

Q: How would you describe yourself in a color and why?

A: Bright colors of coral, yellow and orange and some blues. I love to look lively and I have to be correlated  by color.

Thanks Pam for sharing a bit of yourself with us today!! If every you speak with Pam…be sure to ask her what’s for dinner!

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