A homemade gift for a child to give to a grandparent, teacher, or friend can become a wonderful treasure when it’s personalized with a photo. Having it be easy to make is an even greater treat for a busy parent trying to fit Christmas gift making into their holiday schedule. Using HeatnBond EZ Print Transfer Sheets is a quick and easy way to make a gift of a Christmas ornament with a photo on it.

Handmade Christmas Photo Ornaments

To make this ornament you’ll need:

Fabric Fuse Adhesive
Heat n Bond EZ Print Transfer Sheets for dark fabric
3” embroidery hoop (wood or plastic)
5” x 5” square of black cotton fabric
Oliso iron (purple is just fun to iron with!)

Handmade Christmas Photo Ornaments

Using your inkjet printer, follow instructions included in EZ Print Transfer Sheets package. When printing on transfer sheets for dark fabric, photos DO NOT have to be reversed. Four photos, 4” x 4”, can fit on one sheet of transfer paper.

Round the corners of the photo to help avoid lifting during ironing. Double check the size of the photo to the hoop before continuing.

Iron the black fabric square on high (cotton) with no steam 1-2 minutes to release moisture.

Following package directions for ironing time, cover photo with the provided pressing sheet and iron using heavy and constant pressure.

Peel off the pressing sheet while the photo is hot, using a smooth and even motion. Let cool.

When the photo is cool, draw and cut it into a 4” circle.

To help keep the photo in place while positioning clamp hoop over inner hoop, spread a small line of Fabric Fuse around the edge of the wrong side of photo circle. Place hoop (without the clamp) on glue. Let dry.

Place clamp hoop over the inner hoop easing photo between hoops. Add a bow and hanging ribbon.

The great thing about HeatnBond EZ Print Transfer Sheets is the many things they can be used for besides ironing designs on t-shirts. Add a design or photo to a pillow, a quilt, or make a small book with family pictures for a toddler. Get creative and have fun with Heat n Bond EZ Print Transfer Sheets!