Hi Everyone,  It’s Becky from Patchwork Posse.   Today I am sharing a quick way to make your own custom designed recipe cards.

Even though there are digital ways of finding recipes, I sometimes like to go back to tradition with recipe cards.  These are saved for my favorite recipes and are often given as gifts…think bridal shower, kitchen theme.

To help make your cards a little bit more custom, matching with a kitchen theme, or personal we are going to make our own.


Handmade Recipe Cards-

Materials Needed:

Scrapbooking paper- can be any weight or size.  If you choose a more traditional size you can put these into a recipe card holder, so keep that in mind.
regular paper or cardstock for the back- you can use a traditional recipe card here if you’d like.
pinking shears
sewing machine
Therm O Web SuperStik glue stick
Fruit or veggies applique shapes.  You can use cookie cutters for this! You need just a very basic shape/design.  Nothing fancy.


Cut your paper to size- the front and the back need to be the same size.


1)  Trace your design onto the back of the fabric and cut out

2)  Use the glue to stick the fabric onto the right side of the paper

recipecardssewn14)  Sew 1/8″ from the edge of the shape with your sewing machine.  You need to have a medium to large stitch or it will perferate the paper and tear off.

recipecardssewn25)  Place the front on the back, right sides facing out and stitch around the whole card

recipecardssewn36)  Cut around the outside of the card with your pinking shears

recipecardssewn57)  Write your recipe on the back of the card

recipecardssewn6This recipe is for rolls.  They are the best!  They have a sweet flavor and come out the same every time!  They mix up quick and raise beautifully.  Hope you give them a try!

recipecardssewn10These handmade recipe cards are a great way to explore applique, try out the glue {I love this stuff!} and make something useful all in one.

Change your thread color or go variagated for a fun look….really there is no limit here with ideas.  Switch up the fabric, paper, thread….. you name it.  Have some fun!


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