Kid Friendly Heatnbond Personalized Pillowcase
Kid Friendly Heatnbond Personalized Pillowcase

I LOVE sewing with kids! This pillowcase project is super easy using Heat N Bond and the Peel n Stick ruler tape! Don’t forget to check the last note of the tutorial for some holiday and more sophisticated pillowcase ideas too!

Kid Friendly Pillow Case with French Seams

Materials + Supplies:

Main Fabric Cut (2) 23” x 21”
Accent Fabric Cut (2) 12 ½” x 21”
Applique Fabric for names
Coordinating Thread for applique and sewing
Heat N Bond Soft Stretch Lite Fusible Adhesive
Peel n Stick Ruler Tape

Kid Friendly Heatnbond Personalized Pillowcase
(I used some of the fun prints from Hello Jane by Windham Fabrics and coordinating Aurifil thread colors 1148 and 2730 for my pillow.)
Kid Friendly Heatnbond Personalized Pillowcase

Kid Friendly Pillow Case with French Seams Instructions

Step 1:

Trace applique design on the back of HeatNBond with a pencil. You will be drawing directly on the paper side. (For this project I laid out some names, then printed them in REVERSE. Any design that has a specific direction could be printed and traced in reverse for it to turn out correctly when completed.) Cut loosely around each part of the design. Then iron this to the BACK of the applique fabric you’ve chosen. Use sharp fabric scissors to cut the shape out along the traced line then peel off the paper backing.

Step 2:

Fold one of the Accent fabric strips in half lengthwise with wrong sides together. Find the center of this and place the applique shapes in position, then iron onto the accent fabric strip.

Step 3:

Use coordinating thread to stitch each edge down. When sewing this projects with kids a loose zig zag stitch is the easiest for them to stitch with. You can also use an applique stitch or a straight stitch 1/8” inside the line for a raw edge applique look.

Step 4:

Sew one accent fabric strip to one main fabric strip with a French seam. First stitch these together with WRONG sides facing each other using a ¼” stitch.
Kid Friendly Heatnbond Personalized Pillowcase

Then turn and press well, and sew this seam again with a 3/8” stitch. This will enclose the raw edge creating a French seam. Repeat this with the remaining main fabric and accent fabric pieces.


Unsure how to help the kids sew these seams? Place the Ruler Tape at the ¼” and 3/8” seam allowance mark on your machine to assist them with accurate sewing for Step 4.
Kid Friendly Heatnbond Personalized Pillowcase

Step 5:

Place the pillow front and back WRONG sides together and stitch around both edges and the pillowcase bottom with a ¼” seam. Then flip inside out, press sewn seam edges well, and stitch using a 3/8” stitch. Turn right sides out, press, and place a pillow form inside!
Kid Friendly Heatnbond Personalized Pillowcase

Alternate Design Ideas:

The Fall/Winter holiday season is coming up soon! Make a set that says “Happy” and “Halloween” or a “His Side” and “Her Side” set for a more sophisticated look!