HeatNBond Jedi Girl Stuffy
Hi friends! Alicia here from Sew What Alicia. My family is Star Wars obsessed and you might remember when I made this stuffed AT AT last year for May the 4th. This year I have another fun Star Wars stuffy for you. This Jedi girl is modeled after Rey so you will definitely see some similarities! Here is a fun HeatNBond Jedi girl stuffy.

Heat N Bond Jedi Girl Stuffy

Heat N Bond Jedi Girl Stuffy


HeatnBond Ultra Fusible Adhesive
Felt in various neutral tones

Jedi Girl SVG or PDF

Heat N Bond Jedi Girl StuffyJedi Girl Stuffy Instructions:

I love working with felt because it saves lots of time and means you don’t have to worry so much about cutting things on the right side or wrong side since both sides are the same! That being said since we are attaching Heat N Bond you will need to mirror several pieces of the pattern.

Here is the breakdown of how to cut the pieces.

Main Body Piece – Cut two pieces not bonded with Heat N Bond. No need to mirror.

Vest Pieces – Cut not bonded. No need to mirror.

Outfit Pieces – Bond with HeatNBond. Mirror back piece.

Front Hair – Bond with HeatNBond and cut.

Back Hair – Cut not bonded. Then bond with a circle of HeatNBond traced from the head piece.

Belt – Bond with HeatNBond and cut 1 mirrored.

Once you have cut all the pieces use an iron to put the pieces together (as shown in the pictures below.)

Heat N Bond Jedi Girl Stuffy Heat N Bond Jedi Girl Stuffy Heat N Bond Jedi Girl Stuffy

Embroider or draw a face. Then clip the pieces together right sides out.

Heat N Bond Jedi Girl StuffySew around the majority of the doll and then stuff.

Heat N Bond Jedi Girl StuffyTo sew the vest together you will sew 1/2″ down on the side then skip 2″ for the arms and then sew another 2″. Leave the bottom open to leave room for the gun holster. Repeat with the other side of the vest.

Heat N Bond Jedi Girl StuffyFinish stuffing and then grab some neutral fabric and rip a few strips. Tie these around the arms. You can also tie a strip around the chest to replicate Rey’s outfit. To make the staff sew together two pieces of brown felt into a long rounded rectangle and then trim close to the seams.

Heat N Bond Jedi Girl StuffyNow she is all finished! The force is strong with this one!

Heat N Bond Jedi Girl StuffyDo you have any questions? Share them with me in the comments below.

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