Therm O Web’s iCraft® adhesives make it so easy to craft any project you are working on!  The iCraft® Easy-Tear™ Adhesive is a breeze to work with. Simply  unroll the length you need, tear and apply. It’s a must have in your craft room! Today, here’s a quilt inspired card to get you started for your next project!

Therm O Web supplies:

iCraft® Easy-Tear® adhesive tape 1/4 inch

Zots™ – Medium

Mini Sticky Tab Tape Runner

Other supplies:

MAMBI paper

Prima flower

The base of the card is a 5×7 piece of paper.  Adhere with mini sticky tab tape runner.

Cut a different patterned paper 5×3 inches.  Use a border punch on the 5in sides.  Adhere to paper.

Cut another patterned paper to 5×2 inches.  Adhere to center of border punched paper with mini tab tape runner.

Add iCraft® Easy-Tear™ adhesive tape across the center of smaller patterned paper.  Choose glitter, and remove top layer of adhesive, exposing the sticky side to the glitter.  Add glitter and dust off remaining.

The top part of the card are diamonds that remind me of a quilt pattern.  After cutting the green dot paper to 1.5 x 1.5 inches, and the flower paper to 1 x 1 inches, adhere together, and then adhere onto card with  Mini sticky tab tape runner.  Add a strip of iCraft® Easy-Tear™ Tape adhesive, and cut to a point on both ends of the diamonds.  Remove the top of adhesive, exposing the sticky to the glitter.

Thank you for stopping by and making Therm O Web a part of your creative day!

~Erin Yamabe