“Fairy Dust” When I think of love the first thing that comes to my mind is my daughter running around when she was two blowing “fairy dust” on people. She was obsessed with all things “fairy”. So much so that she wore wings and carried a wand wherever she went. So I wanted to do a love tag to capture these memories.


Fairy Dust Mixed Media Tag

By Heather Collins

To start this project I took a Brutus Monroe Jumbo Media Tag and covered it with iCraft Ultra Bond Adhesive and placed a piece of wood grain scrapbook paper on it. Then I trimmed the extra paper with my Brutus Monroe Fussy Cutting Scissors. The adhesive quickly dried clear.

Fairy Dust Tag Instructions

Then I took a sheet of the Brutus Monroe Clear Toner Sheets Crosshatch and laid on top of it Brutus Monroe Transfer Sheets Silver Sketch. Next, I placed this combination between a folded piece of computer paper and ran it through the Minc. I usually run it through twice on setting level 4. Then I carefully pulled back the Transfer Sheet and what was left behind is simply stunning. The foil attached itself to where the black crosshatch pattern was and left behind the clear part of the Toner Sheet.

I took the Brutus Monroe Transfer Sheets Green Sketch and Purple Sketch (Coming Soon!) and some foilable card panels from Brutus Monroe and repeated how I foiled the clear toner sheet. I pre-cut out the images first. I like doing this so that I do not have a shadowed look to my foiled images. Also, this makes them look more 3D and sealed. I also cut foiled leaves using the Brutus Monroe Transfer Sheets Green Sketch and iCraft Adhesive Toner Sheets.

Using the iCraft Ultra Bond Adhesive, I layered the foiled clear toner sheet on top of my tag. Then I applied Black Ice Deco Foil Metallix using a spatula on a lettered stencil and let the project dry naturally.

To assemble the tag, I simply had to use Rebekah Meier Designs Mixed Media Medium to attach all of my items. I wanted the tag to have a 3D look, so I first took some tulle, then sisal and then started just layering on my pieces. The mixed media medium is ultra sticky so I needed to attach everything while touching everything as little as possible. But everything – was heavy or light – was easily attached. To finish the look I put some down and poured some crushed silver flakes on the tag in several places.

One amazing thing with the new foils from Brutus Monroe is that they are not a flat one-dimensional look. So when the light hits the foiled pieces just right it is like a rainbow of colors. May you be sprinkled with some “fairy dust” this Valentine’s Day.

Supply list for Fairy Dust Mixed Media Tag
Therm O Web supplies:

– Deco Foil Clear Toner Sheets Starry Night
– Brutus Monroe Clear Toner Sheets Crosshatch (Coming Soon!)
– Brutus Monroe Transfer Sheets Silver Sketch, Green Sketch, Purple Sketch (Coming Soon!)
– iCraft Ultra Bond Adhesive
– Rebekah Meier Designs Mixed Media Medium
– Black Ice Deco Foil Metallix (Coming Soon!)

– Brutus Raven Jumbo Media Tag
-Brutus Monroe Sage Surface Ink
-fairy die cut
-Woodgrain Scrapbook Paper
-Glitter Glaze Silver
-Big Shot
-metal butterflies

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  1. R Fatimah Jafri
    February 12, 2019 at 7:32 am (2 years ago)

    Creative use of media led to beautiful results! Excellent work .