Dream catchers have always intrigued and fascinated me since I was in middle school. The idea that one could take nature and create something from nature to capture bad dreams truly made me happy as a young teenager and continuing into adulthood. I like to make at least one project a year with a dream catcher to continue this lore on. And let’s face it, who couldn’t use happy dreams.

Dream Catcher

To start this project I started using my Misti I stamped out a bunch of flowers using the Brutus Monroe Raven Detail Ink on both my Brutus Monroe Cardstock – Brown sugar and the Deco foil Flock Transfer Sheets – White Latte. I used a shaping tool to make give the flowers a 3D look. It is important not to wet the flock but to just take your time when molding them. I also on Brutus Monroe Cardstock – Alabaster stamped out several feathers from the Catching Dreams stamp set, then I fussy cut them out.

Deco Foil

Then I took a sheet of the Deco Foil Clear Toner Sheets and laid on top of it Deco foil Transfer Sheets – Bronze and Gold. Next, place this combination between a folded piece of computer paper and run through the Minc. I usually run it through twice on setting level 4. Then carefully pull back the Transfer Sheet and what is left behind is simply stunning. The foil attached itself to where the black toner sheet perfectly and leaves behind the clear part of the Toner Sheet.

Next using my Big Shot I cut out the flowers with the coordinating dies, script pieces and leaves out of the flock and the cardstock. Once dry I took the Brutus Monroe Surface Ink cubes and rubbed on to create a layered inked background.

Then I cut some out of the Brutus Monroe Glitterstock also. I like to have everything that I have to stamp and have to die cut out before I start assembling my piece together. Using a water brush I colored my feathers in with Brutus Monroe Metallic Aqua Pigments – Arachnis, Marigold, Gilded, and Delphinium.

I took the wooden deer head that I found at a big box store and using a pallet knife and modeling paste I layered a worded stencil on top of it. After this dried overnight, I dripped Brutus Monroe Metallic Aqua Pigments – Arachnis, Marigold, Gilded, and Delphinium, spraying with a water bottle so that it dripped down the piece. Again let this dry overnight.

When that was completely dry I used Rebekah Meier Designs Mixed Media Medium to attach the Christmas ornaments- Dreamcatcher, Owl, and Antlers. The trick with this medium is to use a lot and have patience. Let it dry completely before trying to do anything else. You will have strong, firm grip of heavy objects without needing to apply any other adhesives.


The assembly of the project went very smoothly after all of my pieces were complete. Then just by following my gut, I attached all of my leaves, script pieces, flowers, feathers, wood slices, metal bits and anything else that just felt right. Don’t overthink it and just place where it seems appropriate. Don’t be afraid of taking a picture, walking away and coming back at another time to add or remove as you see fit. But most importantly, just enjoy the process of the piece coming together as a whole.

Products used:
Deco Foil Toner Sheets
Deco Foil Transfer Sheets – Bronze
Deco Foil Transfer Sheets – Bronze
Deco Foil Flock Transfer Sheets – White Latte
Ultrabond Adhesive
3D Zots
Rebekah Meier Designs Mixed Media Medium

Other Products:
Brutus Monroe Raven Detail Ink
Brutus Monroe Surface Inks- Maple, Terracotta, Marsala, Macchiato
Brutus Monroe Cardstock – Brown Sugar and Alabaster
Brutus Monroe Stamp Set- Catching Dreams
Brutus Monroe Glitterstock
Brutus Monroe Metallic Aqua Pigments – Arachnis, Marigold, Gilded and Delphinium
Wooden Deer Head
Crushed Glass Glitter
Big Shot
Flower Shaping Tools
Christmas ornaments – Dreamcatcher, Owl, and Antlers
Modeling Paste
Word Stencil
Metal word jewelry piece
Cutting Dies -Script and Leaves
Wooden slices