When we were asked to participate in a fabric low-to no sew project, I have to admit… I was hesitant.  I don’t sew.  I mean, at all, as in never.  I’m always up for a challenge, so I raised my hand and said… “Me, Me, Me!  I’ll do it.”  Then the book came, and as I browsed through Amanda Carestio “Never Been Stitched” book, I thought… I just might be able to do this!

Never Been Stitched coverAs I thumbed through the pages, there were lots and lots of fun, creative projects.  I specifically chose one that said “NO SEW”.

I decided upon pillows made from placemats!  How clever is that?!?!


And here is my NO SEW Pretty Placemat Pillow!  I did it!  I made something with fabric and it looks pretty darned cute!


The best part is I already had everything I needed.  I had a couple of placemats I bought on clearance just a few weeks ago and hadn’t yet used.  DSC_0003

The entire project consisted of  the book with instructions, HeatnBond® Ultrahold Iron-on Adhesive Tape, a bag of polyfill, a seam ripper, a double sided placemat and a Diet Pepsi.  Ok, the Diet Pepsi isn’t really REQUIRED… but if you know me, it is a must!

First, you will use your seam ripper and open one of the seams along the edge.  Amanda suggests opening in the middle of one of the long ends.  I, of course, didn’t read that part and opened along the side top corner, but it worked out fine.


Next, add your polyfill stuffing through the opening and stuff to your liking


Now, the magic begins.  Using the HeatnBond® Ultrahold Iron-on Adhesive Tape you will close up the seam.  Simply cut a piece of the tape slightly longer than the opening.  Position the tape along the opening (paperside up) and seal by placing your iron on top of the paper for a few seconds.  Once the tape is in place, let it cool completely, then peel the paper off.  Now you can simply place the two ends together and iron to seal.


And there you have it!  You just made a fun throw pillow without ever threading a needle!  Whew!  That was so easy, I’m going to make another one!




We’d like to give you a chance to make some of the fun projects found in the Never Been Stitched book by Amanda Carestio!

Never Been Stitched cover
Never been stitched

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