My family and I have a tradition of going to the pumpkin patch every year.  The rule for my kids is they have to be able to lift and carry the pumpkin for it to be theirs.  We make a day out of it. Hayride, fresh apple cider, pulled pork sandwiches…but our goal is to each leave with a pumpkin that is theirs.  They get to color it, carve it and just basically enjoy the full range of pumpkin season. We end the day with my husband making homemade pumpkin seeds and placing them on the porch for everyone to see. 

Pumpkin Patch Memories

To start this project I got a pumpkin-shaped wall hanging from the big box store.  You can grab anyone you like. They have plain, glittered or papered. I grabbed a papered one since I wanted to have a Multiple layered look.  Sometimes when working on a project I find myself overthinking it.  

Add Glitz Glitter Gel

The “Gina K Designs Stamp n Stencil Detail Stencil – Crazy Daisy” was perfect to add to the design on my wooden pumpkin.  Next, I spread “Gina K Designs Glitz Glitter Gel – Gold” on one side and then flipped the stencil after cleaning it, repeated again.  I let my piece dry naturally I like how this looks ultimately.

Then, I used double-sided tape and attached my photos to paper and some gold foiled toner sheets I had.    

Then using “Rebekah Meier Designs – Mixed Media Medium” I attached my elements to the pumpkin.  I had placed straw, faux flowers, little pumpkins, buttons, paper leaves, and a leftover sunflower stamp at various different layers.  

To finish my piece off I attached the clips “14” to notate the year of these pumpkins.  Because I let some of the preprinted paper show through I didn’t feel anymore working was necessary.   

Pumpkin Patch Memories

Products used:

Gina K Designs Stamp n Stencil Detail Stencil – Crazy Daisy

Rebekah Meier Designs – Mixed Media Medium

Gina K Designs Glitz Glitter Gel – Gold