Stuffed Christmas Deco Foil Wreath

Hi friends, Alicia here from Sew What Alicia. I can’t lie, I am SEW ready for Christmas. It is such a sweet and nostalgic holiday and I love filling my house with handmade decorations for my boys to enjoy. When I saw this Kringle’s Sweet Shop from Blend it inspired me to create something really fun for Christmas!

Stuffed Christmas Deco Foil Wreath


Deco Foil Transfer Sheets

Deco Foil Liquid Adhesive

Kringle’s Sweet Shop from Blend Fabrics

Styrofoam Wreath

Stuffed Christmas Deco Foil Wreath Instructions:

Cut 3″ strips of fabric. Wrap them around the foam wreath. Use pins to secure the fabric to the wreath.

Fussy cut images from your fabric. This fabric has gingerbread houses which are perfect for cutting out. Use the deco foil adhesive to fill in details on the house. Let dry.

Attach the DecoFoil to the liquid adhesive with a heat source.

Pin the pieces you cut to a piece of coordinating fabric. Then sew around three sides.

Fill the pieces with stuffing.

Cut around the pieces with pinking shears.

Create a bow for the wreath. Use a ribbon or create a stuffed one using these directions.

Cut two 4″ x wof strips for the top of the bow. Fold each piece in half and sew along the two long sides. Then cut two long strips for the bottom of the bow. Sew along the long edges and bottom leaving the top open.

Stuff all of the bow pieces. The two top pieces of the bow shouldn’t be stuffed too full because you will be folding these pieces in half. Then sew the openings closed. Fold the two 4″ strips in half, pinch the ends closed, and clip in place with a safety pin.

Use another safety pin to attach the two pinched ends together.

Place a stuffed square or one of the cupcakes over the safety pins. Then pin the two bottom strips of the bow underneath.

Add the bow and all of your stuffed pieces to the wreath using safety pins.

Now your wreath is complete. Hang it with a hanger or tie a ribbon to attach the wreath to the door or mantle.

Thanks for letting me share this fun tutorial with you!

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