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Laminating System - Additional Features

Additional Features

Roll Feed Attachment
When using a rolled stock laminate material such as melamine, gator ply, fabric… a roll feed attachment is required. The attachment is fitted with 3” and/or 6” ID core chucks. The air clutch provides consistent tension across the entire length of the payout bar, and will allow for an unwrinkled finished product.

5’ Conveyor Sections
The laminators can be fitted with additional conveyor sections, if required. The sections are available in five-foot lengths, and are easy to install and remove, per the application.

Additional Glue Web Payout Bars
Additional Glue Web Payout Bars with core chucks can be order to allow the pre-staging of Glue Web rolls. This will save time when adding another roll of Glue Web in the middle of heavy production runs.

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