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Laminating System - Hot Melt Glue Web

Hot Melt Glue Web

The Therm O Web process utilizes a EVA based hot melt Glue Web which is ecologically friendly, non flammable and produced in roll form for ease of production. Its unique formulation and web design provides for easy and consistent glue coverage over the substrate.

Our Hot Melt Glue Web product met the GREENGUARD Standard for Low Emitting Products.

Other Benefits ...

    Produced in 500 ft rolls up to 62” wide. Order any width you need, so there is no waste of glue during production or costly clean-up.

    As soon as the panel exits the machine, it is ready for immediate fabrication.

    The Glue Web measures 10 mils thin, providing even coverage over the entire surface eliminating telegraphing and bleed-through often found with PVA, contact and other adhesives.

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